The board, staff, and consultants at the FHL Foundation have been hard at work developing a plugin for WordPress called GrantPress. We are happy to report that GrantPress, after a successful beta testing phase, is now open to all of our organizations. GrantPress will allow small grantmaking organizations to accept, review, and decide on grant applications. In addition GP (for short) will allow grantmakers to track and promote funded projects. GP will consist of two main areas: a portal for the general public, and a portal for organizations. You are currently at the portal for the general public.

At the top of this portal you’ll find links to various public pages listing active Grant Programs along with Applications and Funded Projects. You’ll also find a list of the User Organizations that are signed up to use the GrantPress system. Feel free to browse around.

  • If you already have a user account for your Organization click on the Login link above to login.
  • If you would like a user account for your Organization click on the Sign-up link above.

A general note concerning GrantPress: We have designed GP to provide as much transparency as possible concerning the grant application and tracking processes. To these ends the public is able to see you Organizational Profile and data concerning your project(s). So please do not enter or submit any information you do not wish to make public. In addition, do not enter or submit any copyrighted materials that you do not own the copyright or have secured copyright permission to republish. All copyrighted materials must be accompanied with a copyright notice. If the FHL Foundation is notified that certain published materials violate copyright law, they will be removed immediately.

A note to users of our previous Formstack system: Unfortunately we are not able to import your Organizational Profile from Formstack into GrantPress. So please create a new Organizational Profile in GrantPress. This will give you a chance to update your organization data. Moving forward you are now able to update your Organizational Profile within the Organization Portal. We do encourage organizations to keep their Organizational Profile as up to date as possible.

A general note concerning the GrantPress interface: GrantPress is still under development. There are certain interface issues that we are aware of and are working on. In particular, if within the Organization Portal you click on a link to view certain data, you may be taken to the Public Portal to view that data. The Public Portal has a different look than the Organizational Portal. This may be a bit confusing (it is to us). To return to the Organization Portal simply click on the Back button. We are working on making this aspect of the GP interface more seamless. Thanks for your patience.